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  • Themed Tours with Small Group Sizes

    NEW FOR 2018! Our creative and unique scheduled tours with small group sizes: AutoMotion Tours (September), Castles & Wine (July and October) and a fascinating history tour of the 3rd Reich and the DDR (August).

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  • Moselschleife

    Castles and Wine

    Our most innovative tour. Each morning we visit a castle or palace, and each afternoon we have a fantastic wine experience. We stroll through vineyards, visit ancient wine cellars, have wine-pairing meals and of course there are plenty of tastings.

    Castles & Wine

  • Schloss Neuschwanstein

    Short Tours

    Perfect for those looking for 3- or 4-day trips from southern Germany or Austria. Care for a few days of wellness? Alpine Spa Tours. Really into beer? Bavarian Beer Tours. Love castles & palaces? Our immersive King Ludwig tour is just for you.

    Short Tours

  • AutoMotion Tours

    History & Horsepower

    Our exclusive trip to historical towns and to German car companies. We take you into the factories and museums and you have the chance to get behind the wheel. Immersive visits to Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche with accompanying sightseeing program for spouses.

    AutoMotion Tours

  • Wonderful Beautiful Austria

    Custom Tours for Families and Groups

    Tailor made tours designed to your interests.  The inherit flexibility of our private tours allows us to modify an existing sample tour or start from scratch and develop a complete custom itinerary just for your group.

    Custom Tours

  • Eagle's Nest

    The 3rd Reich and the DDR

    This history tour is a deep dive into the before and after of WWII. We trace the rise of the National Socialist party to a fascist dictatorship and terror regime. We also get a keen look at divided Germany and life in the DDR (communist East Germany).

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