Beer Capitals of Europe

Beer Capitals of Europe

Munich, Bamberg and Prague

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A 9-Day Tour to the Heart of Bavarian and Czech Beer

Singing “ein Prosit” at the Oktoberfest. Sipping a tall glass of crisp Pilsner beer. Enjoying a sociable one in a quaint beer garden that is tucked next to a small brewery – which has been in the same family for seven generations. Smelling the aromas of roasting malts during the kilning process at one of the world’s premier malting houses. We do all of this on our Beer Capitals of Europe tour. Oh yeah, there is tasting, too. Plenty of beer tasting. 

We visit the two most important beer locations in beautiful Bavaria: Munich and Bamberg. Munich is synonymous with beer and its history, and you will experience Munich in all its beer glory as the tour also includes a day at the Oktoberfest, by far the world’s largest public festival. And nowhere in that world are there more breweries concentrated in one region than in and around Bamberg, which is also home to the Weyermann Malting Works, which we visit on the tour.

In the Czech Republic, the city of Pilsen is known for reinventing beer, and the clear, light beer that carries its name around the world. And of course Prague has a beer culture all its own, including an obsession with tmavé pivo, or dark beer, which of course predates Pilsner.

There is nothing in the world like the first taste of beer.”  – John Steinbeck

A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.”  – Czech Proverb