Unique Small Group Tours


Extraordinary Small Group Tours

Uniquely Themed Tours with a Maximum of 24 Travelers
Come and Be Part of the Fun!

We have been doing private tours for some years now, for families, organizations and groups of friends. Via Bavarian Day Tours, we also do a considerable number of day trips.  Now it is time to open up some of our favorite tours to a wider audience.

Our Small Group Tours have a cap at 24 travelers, a number small enough to be intimate yet large enough so that you are assured of meeting some nice people.  Transportation is by comfortable coach and there is a tour director on-board and on-site with you for the entire week. Accommodation is included in the package price, as are several meals, including a breakfast buffet every day and about half of the evening meals. We carefully choose the hotels and restaurants for local color and flavor. Our hotels are normally four-star and often have expansive wellness and fitness facilities.

For 2018 we are offering the following Small Group Tours:

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Our Small Group Tours are great for seeing a lot, meeting people and experiencing European history and culture in a comfortable setting.

Please contact us to learn how you can join us on one of our tours:

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