3rd Reich Short Tour

A 3-Day Tour of the History of the
NS Regime in Bavaria

3rd Reich history in Munich, Nuremberg and to the Eagles Nest in Obersalzberg

This is an educational trip to learn about the history of the National Socialist regime at the most important locations in Bavaria.  We will explore various aspects of the 12-year reign of terror, including how the party rose to power, the system of concentration camps and the destruction of war.  But we will also examine what has happened since the war ended, looking at such things as the post-war reconstruction, the war crime trials, and how the German nation has since dealt with this dark period of history.  In each location we will visit modern documentation centers.

We start this tour in Munich, where the Nazi party had its roots and base.  We’ll follow the development of the party in the early years and see how the regime changed the face of the city once it reached power.  From Munich we will visit the Dachau Memorial site.  Dachau was the first concentration camp and the model for all others that followed.  On the second day we head to Nuremberg and see why Hitler considered it the “most German of all cities”.  We visit the party rally grounds at the Zeppelinfeld, and the courthouse where the Nuremberg Trials were held.  On day 3 we head to the Bavarian mountains and to Obersalzberg, where we’ll take a bus up to the top of the Kehlstein mountain and the Eagles Nest.  We also visit the documentation center and go down into part of the elaborate bunker system the Nazis built.

A Day-By-Day Look at the Itinerary
We’ll be happy to send you a complete sample itinerary.  You can request one here.

Day 1:  Extended 3rd Reich tour in Munich and excursion to the Dachau Memorial site
Day 2:  Nuremberg and the Zeppelinfeld party rally grounds
Day 3:  The Eagles Nest and Obersalzerg, the summer home of party leaders

This is a 3-day trip that covers the intense history of the main sites for the 3rd Reich in Bavaria.  We will try to follow the itinerary as above but we will move days around to take advantage of weather conditions for the trip to Obersalzberg.  Please note that the Eagles Nest sits on top of a mountain and is only reachable by bus, so it is not possible to visit it during the winter and early spring.  As with all our private tours, this trip can be customized to suit your wishes.

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